Learn more about the basics of technology

If you have a non-technical background but work with software and technical teams, or if you are interested in how technology can help your organisation innovate, this programme is for you.



Language and concepts

Gain working literacy of technical language
You'll walk away more confident in your ability to understand terminology, and the way tech teams and tech businesses work. Look at actual code, understand the nature and complexity of programming and web development.


Tech/Non Tech relationships

Meaningfully contribute to technical projects by understanding processes.
Developers don’t create software - teams create software. You'll develop a nuanced understanding of how to work well with technical people.



Questions and Concepts

We'll help you gain a foot hold into the world behind the internet.


Why do technical projects take ten times longer than they’re meant to?
Understand technical product planning and life cycle, technical debt, and the strings behind the buttons you push.


What is the optimal way of working with programmers and tech teams?
Learn to work well with your technical colleagues with engineering empathy. Get inside tech culture and why autonomy, mastery and purpose are so important to technical folk.


What do I need to know about proposing and undertaking a tech project?
Understand information architecture, web development economics, progressive enhancement. Deeply understand behaviour driven development and user testing. Learn more about bugs.

What's inside the magic black box?
Get a working picture of technical languages and processes. Learn your forks from your servers, know your databases from your APIs. Figure out what coding languages should be used for your next project.


What is happening in the world of tech?
Understand the war between coding languages and what this means about technical people and projects. Get a grasp on what the digital future might hold and ensure you won't be left behind.






If your career touches technology but you're not a web developer this course will help you level up.

  • Project managers

  • Digital content managers

  • HR and recruitment

  • Small business owners

  • Entrepreneurs

  • User testers

  • Product owners

  • Business analysts

  • Tech company CEOs

  • Policy analysts

  • Business development and sales executives 

  • Communications and marketing executives